Our original, tried and true fans will remember us being located in downtown Erie for Whimsy’s baby years. It was a wonderful location and we had the honor of making art in a beautiful historic brick building on Briggs Street. It was perfect for us! We loved being a part of the thriving downtown Erie bustle, so close to so many great shops and restaurants. We really felt like part of a family! But the time came where we were ready to move Whimsy onto its next exciting adventure. That location is here at the Orchard Town Center!

We love being at the Orchard because we have the opportunity to make so many new friends, yet it’s still close enough for our Erie family to visit us! It also gives us an opportunity to really spoil our visiting artists with additional amenities that allow them have a special night out!

If I were to plan a super fun night out at Whimsy, here is what I would do; pick up a yummy smelling lotion for myself at Bath and Bodyworks and go a little too crazy at the brand spankin’ new H&M, enjoy a little lunch at Which ‘Wich, visit the Macy’s cosmetics counter, then meet up with my friends for a little glass of adult grape juice at Wine and Cheese.

When good and ready, we would stop by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some (in my dreams) calorie-free goodies, and then just walk twenty paces into Whimsy, reserve some seats, order a bottle of wine to share, and get settled in with our choco-covered apples for a really, super fun night. (In my Whimsy-dream, I also totally win the nightly Grease Dance-Off to roaring applause and get a free drink, but that’s a different story for another week.)

That’s just one variation. You can also throw Target shopping in there and then a movie at the AMC, or The Cheeky Monk and then some dainties at Victoria’s Secret.

We are so unbelievably lucky to be part of such a wonderful outdoor mall that has such a warm, yester-year sort of feel, but also has so many fun things going on, all within finger-length of one another! It has been such an asset to what we do at Whimsy! PLUS we are open at the same time as all of your favorite shops, so you can visit us and take advantage of Open Studio during weekdays, you know, when the shopping just gets too much and you wanna let that inner artist out!

Next time you’re shopping at the Orchard Town Center, come visit us! We are easy to find, always very easy (and free) to park, and if I do say so myself, very easy to love!

Come get addicted!!!

Much love,

Shannon ‘The Art Girl Next Door’ Hodgson

December 09, 2014